Smasher is suitable for the micro-crushing process of synthetic resin, food, chemicals and other material. It differs from the general internal smasher.It does not only use pure crushing forces such as impact and shearing forces to crush materials, but also uses the numerous ultrasonic vortexes it generated, and the resulting high-frequency pressure of vibration to crush the materials. Under certain conditions, materials with viscosity and elasticity can also be crushed. As the temperature of the raw material rises very little during the pulverizing operation, the smasher can also pulverize heat-sensitive materials.


Product features

Our company produces smashers for the amino molding industry, mainly for pre-crushing before entering the ball mill, and are mainly used in conjunction with the ball mill.

  • Equiped with cooling water jacketlayer to improve material performance.
  • Its blades have undergone high-frequency hardening and have a high surface hardness.
  • The size of the blade group can be customized according to user requirements to adapt to materials with different moisture.
  • Equipped with separator and dust collector, it is automatically conveyed to the ball mill.


Technical parameters

Model No. Capacity Material Power(kw) Feeding Transfer
FS400A 500-800KG CS304 30 Spriral/vibrating belt
FS400B 500-800KG CS304 30 Spiral belt

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