Sieving Machine

ZLZ series sieving machine, which belongs to the Rotary Vortex Vibrating Screen, is a common light screening equipment. Usually  clients just call it as vibrating screen. Rotary vibrating screen adopts vertical vibrating motor as the excitation source. Eccentric weights are installed at the upper and lower ends of the motor, transforming the rotational motion of the motor into three-dimensional (horizontal, vertical and inclined)motion. The company produces two main models, with screen specifications specifically designed for the urea formaldehyde resin powder (A1), melamine formaldehyde resin powder (A5) and glazing powder (LG).



Technical parameters

Model No.  Meshes  Layers Diameter Products  Material Power
ZLZ-1200 20-80 2-3 ¢1150 A1/A5/LG 304 1.1
ZLZ-1500 20-80 2-3 ¢1450 A1/A5/LG 304 1.5

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