Powder and Dust Handing System

Our dust separator is made from carbon steel 304, mainly used for supporting the crusher conveying pipeline and the dry particles conveying pipeline.The device is designed to prevent dusts from entering the transfer channels between crushers and ball mills and to separate the airflow from the material during the operation.



Dust Separator

Technical parameters

Model No. Products  Material Wind-delivered form Mode of discharging
¢400-A powders CS304 Turbine crushing Bag dust collector
¢400-B granules CS304 High pressure fans Lock valve


Bag dust collector 

We mainly use filter bags for filtration and dust removal. The material of the filter bag is made of natural fiber and  chemical synthetic fiber. The working principle is that the gas is dispersed to the inside by the filter bag, while the dust is on the outside surface of the filter bag. The dust collector produced by our company is mainly used to collect the fine powder produced by the separator of the crushing system. The cloth bag generally adopts open design style, which is conducive to the recycling of materials.

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