Belt Dryer

Drying is the core of the amino molding line. According to the characteristics of amino resin, our belt dryer is designed for low temperature drying which is energy saving and has high efficiency. We can customize our products to meet the different needs of our customers. Due to the large footprint of the belt dryer, it can be adapted to the customer’s original plant layout by changing the size of the box without affecting the output, under the condition that the drying method and heat exchange area remain unchanged. It can also be designed according to the special output requirements of customers. The travel speed of the dryer is adjustable, and the general requirement is 2.5 hours-3 hours.




  • Continuous drying of amino molded plastic resin, including A1, A5 and glazing
  • Small belt dryers can be specially designed for small batches of products.
  • Other lumpy and granular products, especially those whose drying temperature isnot supposed to be too high (over 100℃).


Technical characteristics

  • With a unique air path design with efficient radiators and traps, the production capacity is 20% higher than that of similar products in the industry.
  • The special stainless steel high-and-low net is used to improve the drying efficiency, and the material is not sticky with the net.
  • The company’s homemade heat exchanger has high heat transfer efficiency and is also suitable for heat transfer of steam or heat transferoil.


Technical parameters

Type Production capacity (kg/h) Applicable materials Heat transfer area() times of turning material Width of meshes(m) Total power (kw) Assembly method
ZLH-1.5×25 250–350 Glazing powder 450 1 1.5 40 X/K
ZLH-1.5×31 350-450 Glazing powder/A1 500 2 1.5 48 X/K
ZLH-2×37 500-550 A1 650 2 2 55 X/K
ZLH-2×35 750-850 A5 900 2 2 90 X/K
ZLH-2×38 900-970 A5 1000 2 2 113 X/K
ZLH-2×43 700-750 A1/A5 800 3 2 70 X/K
ZLH-2×45 750-850 A1/A5 1000 3 2 75 X/K
ZLH-2×47 1100-1400 A1/A5 1350 3 2 118 X/K
ZLH-2.2×41 1200-1300 A5 1100 3 2 75 X/K

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