Complete production line

Amino molding compound is a thermosetting plastic with amino resin as the basic component. The powder product obtained after drying and grinding can be used for molding and processing of tableware, electrical appliances, sanitary ware, chess and other products.
Amino molding plastics production line is mainly divided into three categories: electric jade powder (A1), melamine powder (A5) and varnish powder (LG). The main equipment consists of reaction kettle, kneader, dryer, pulverizer, ball mill, machine etc.

Technical features

Our company can design, manufacture and install complete sets of amino molding production lines for users. The service content includes plant design, equipment layout design, manufacturing of complete sets of equipment, on-site installation of process pipelines, electrical control and cable wiring installation; at the same time, our company can provide electric jade powder (A1), melamine powder (A5), varnish powder (LG) transfer of technical formula and operational formula, and provide on-site commissioning services for process engineers.

The output of the complete production line designed by our company is generally 10 tons-30 tons per day, and the maximum designed annual output is nearly 10,000 tons. The production line can also be customized according to the user's output requirements; products made by using our company's equipment and supporting process formula software It can reach the relevant European and American standards.

There is no pollution in the production process, no waste water and waste gas discharge, and the cleanliness of the workshop is high.

Our company can provide customers with intelligent electrical systems, the main advantages of which are:

1) Intensive management. Precise products such as inverters and power distribution cabinets are arranged in the electrical room, and only operation cabinets are reserved on site to improve the service life of electrical appliances.

2) Temperature control, through means such as over-temperature alarm, over-temperature shutdown of steam, and automatic temperature adjustment of the dryer to ensure safe production and precise control of products.

Technical parameters of conventional production line


Capacity (300 days/24h)

Installed capacity (KW)

Area (㎡)

Steam consumption (per ton powder)

Actual power consumption (per ton of powder)

A1 production line

6000 tons




250 degrees

A5 production line

6000 tons




350-450 degrees

Finish powder production line

2000 tons




110 degrees

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